Sometimes we meet people that change our lives, people that make us stop, wonder and cherish the time we have with them. They make us ask why? Their statements are profound and shape our lives forever. The look in their eyes stares back so deeply that one becomes humble with gratitude. To realise your true potential to examine the way we do what we do is truly a gift that so many of us are not lucky enough to experience.

I met an angel who made me feel that way, who touched my heart and blew me away. But their love and wit extended far further than that, my whole family fell under her spell.
The special times I remember so well, that I can still feel them when I close my eyes. Those tiny, perfect feet and delicate, talented hands that wove great art and spangling charms. A skin that shone, delicate as a rose and a tiny tube of fresh air up her nose.
We talked of things that would make me cry, her so strong sometimes with tears also in her eyes. I never wanted to say goodbye. My time and hers was precious.
We had no time for lies.
To love someone as much as that I thought was saved for my own, but somehow there was no choice, it was like being at home.
When I last saw her she was sad and glad, a journey ending, a new beginning. The look was one of time that had run out, new things to look forward to and nothing to worry about.
In a special bond together we travelled with our hearts and heads to fresh air, green grass, pale blue skies and rolling fields. We could fly there, there never had to be goodbyes.
I thank you Debbie for all that you sent, on that 'Perfect Day' when you went. So an angel earth bound you are no more, a physical body that could no longer be restored.
On wings you can fly and through my eyes still do all those things, forever you are still alive.
We will not forget it was God almighty's great big plan, now that you are here in spirit, a true angel, no longer earth bound, who was sent to me from up above in heaven.
To Phil and family Thank you for sending us true love.
Sue, Stu, Emily and George
Earthbound Angel was written by Sue Alexander-Clarke.
Sue used to come to visit Debbie on Rose Ward, and would rub her feet and sit and chat about lots of things. Sue and her family came to The Brompton and spent Debbie's last New Years Eve. Sue also walked with Debbie on her last journey out of Rose Ward, when Debbie went to the theatre to have her transplant.